I managed to integrate LibreOfficeKit’s LOKDocView widget with gnome-documents, finally. Here is the screencast for the same.

There are still lot of improvements that I need, for example, we need to have a new editing overlay now in gnome-documents so that you you can do operations like bold, italics, underline, search, switch to edit mode and view mode, and few other things. There are also crashes right now which possibly are because I haven’t yet written robust code to nicely separate the currently used EvinceView and the newly used LOKDocView.

On the other hand, I have few ideas to improve the widget backend, for example, improving the tile buffer backend by rendering nearby tiles to increase the visual coherence. Right now, it only renders the visible tiles, but it would be good to render the tiles nearby the boundary of the visual region so that the scrolling is smooth.

I would be working on improving upon this in next coming weeks.

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22 June 2015