This year FUDCon, held at Pune, last week was my first ever FUDCon, and my first steps in to awesome Fedora community. This was also the first conference where I delivered a full-fledged talk about ‘Automating UI testing’ presenting some of the work I did in automating the UI tests for gnome-photos. The talk was more about how they can make their UI tests automated.

I also talked about ‘Integrating LibreOffice with your applications’ in a barcamp talk sharing and discussing ideas with few people, presenting what I am up to in this project in LibreOffice, and how they can take advantage by either directly using the new, evolving LibreOfficeKit API, or by using the new Gtk3 widget in their applications. I talked about how I am acheiving this using tiled rendering, and how I (with Michael and Miklos) am planning to enhance this in future by incoporating the support for opengl, efficient tile management, and multi-threaded support.

Besides that, it was a wonderful opportunity for me to meet new people contributing to Fedora project, and sharing ideas with them. I now have a better idea of how I can contribute more to Fedora, and feel motivated enough to continue my contributions. I have made quite a few friends who, I think, would be happy to help me if I plan to get started with any of the Fedora teams, and I do plan to involve myself in few more interesting teams in future sparing time out of my regular work.

Last but not the least, I would like to thank all the organizers for making this event possible. They have been working hard for months, and have had many sleepless nights just to make sure everything remains on track. I would also like to thank them for sponsoring my stay and travel, without which I would not have been able to attend the event.

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03 July 2015