This is in continuation of my work under LibreOffice. For the past few days, I have been working on restructuring the widget, LOKDocView, to make it introspectable. I also ported the widget to gtk3 from gtk2, so applications can now start thinking of using it.

To test its introspectability, I wrote a simple test application in javascript making use of this widget. Here is the small screencast I made using the widget from javascript.

The widget still needs more polishing to provide a sane, minimal, still useful, API to consumers and to hide the still unstable LibreOfficeKit API. So, we would be improving that in coming weeks. We also plan to try GtkGLArea instead of currently used GtkDrawingArea for the widget to enable openGL while rendering tiles, and hence increase the performance. The backend currently use tilebuffer, taking few ideas from gegl-buffer, and Mozilla’s tiled buffering logic. I also hope to make further improvement in this backend to increase the widget’s performance making use of efficient algorithms.

Here is the feature branch for LOKDocView.

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15 June 2015