This is little late to write about GUADEC but I really got sick after I reached home from Strasbourg. So I have been taking time to recover and now I’ve come up with this little late blog post about GUADEC.

This GUADEC was my first international conference and it was really a great experience attending it. It was awesome meeting experts in their fields and actually talking to them this time in person rather than discussing with them on IRC or over email. Sitting together with so many new faces, making new friends, long discussions with them about the technical topics, hacking together on stuff, discussing new upcoming features in GNOME, having fun together, exploring the beautiful Alsace region together was truly a wonderful experience.

Talks and keynotes were excellent. It happened with me multiple times that I wanted to attend both the talks happening in both the rooms at the same time. I felt like multiplying myself so that I could attend both of them but poor me, nobody can do that. I am waiting eagerly for the GUADEC videos so that I can watch ones I really wanted to attend but couldn’t attend.

I also attended some of the BoFs at the end of the conference. I really liked the idea of people sharing interest in common thing sitting together, discussing ideas and hacking together. I felt that productivity can drastically increase by several folds when you are hacking together. You can simply discuss with other hackers when you are stuck and you are through, that saves you considerable amount of time rather than exploring the dark corners of the internet and finding the solution which may take from minutes to sometimes hours alone. There is also a huge amount of learning involved in such BoFs, you can learn alot within few hours than you would learn, in maybe a week or so.

Besides all this, the conference seems like a motivating factor for me towards contributing more to GNOME and FOSS, be an integral part of the such communities and keep attending such conferences in the future for a high level exposure to techincal stuff.

I am very thankful to GNOME Foundation for sponsoring my travel and accomodation and providing me with opportunity to get exposure at such a level. I would also like to thank the local organizing team especially Alexandre and Nathalie for making this event successfull. I reached a day before the GUADEC and saw them working crazily to make it a sucess. Hats off to whole of the local organizing team for making GUADEC 2014 a sucess.

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12 August 2014