After discussion with gnome-design team about my GSoC project viz. Browse DMSes from photos, the schedule line of the project changed slightly. Discussion with the design team concluded that the new media servers would be added in the gnome-online-accounts itself which means that I need to write a new provider for media servers in gnome-online-accounts as an addition to my earlier proposed project architecture which only included writing a miner for browsing DMSes and then using the miner from the gnome-photos application.

So, I have been working on writing a new MediaServer provider currently in gnome-online-accounts. I am using GtkListBox to show the currently available Media Server devices on the network. There are plans to include the support for AirPlay also in the future which would require extending this media server provider. Currently I am only working for adding support for DLNA Media Servers.

The media server provider in g-o-a uses dleyna-server DBus API in the backend to accomplish major part of its task. It calls the dleyna-server methods to get all the servers around and then probe each one of them for their properties.

You can have a look at my code in a separate WIP branch I am maintaining over at github here. The branch is quite buggy at the time of writing this. It just make things work as of now. I am scrubbing and improving upon the code gradually.

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01 June 2014