I spent my last week with the LibreOffice community talking, hacking and altogether enjoying a lot with them. It was my first LibreOffice conference, and I have brought home a lot of learning this time. I relish each moment that I spent amongst such awesome people around me.

The conference was very well organized in the beautiful city of Aarhus, in Denmark (little bit colder than I had anticipated). As they say, more than a city, Aarhus was a feeling. The local organizing team left no stone unturned to take care of the participants, and everything went smoothly. I also really liked the newly constructed venue where the event was organized.

More than anything else, it was pleasure meeting my GSoC mentors, Michael Meeks and Miklos Vajna, in person, and presenting my work before LibreOffice community. Hacking together with them was a wonderful learning experience for me, especially hacking in the train with Miklos, and trying to fix some bugs. It was also a good experience meeting faces behind IRC nicks, talking to them and sharing ideas, and grow your social skills, altogether (I hope I did) – :).

At last, I would like to thank The Document Foundation for sponsoring this conference for me, without which it would not have been possible for me to come that far and gain this experience. Aforementioned, attending this conference was a good learning experience which has motivated me to excel as a programmer, and a will to keep this relationship strong with LibreOffice in future.

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28 September 2015