I attended GNOME.Asia 2016 last week held in New Delhi from 22 April - 23 April. It was held in a university, MRIU, Faridabad, and we thought it would be good opportunity to spread awareness about Fedora among students and faculty, so we organized a Fedora booth there. It was my first time hosting any booth, and it was more fun that I had thought it would be. There were a rush of students curious about knowing fedora, and we happily spread awareness about Linux/Fedora.

Many students asked about ISO images and we gave them away. Some students had few trouble/doubts installing Fedora, or linux in general, and we helped them kickstart their fedora sessions.

There were interesting discussions also with faculty who welcomed us and wanted us to have an introductory sessions on Fedora from next academic session. They were also interested in installing Fedora on all their systems in laboratories. We felt pleased to have got such a positive response from all the people in the university and appreciate their curiousity in knowing more and more about Fedora.

Besides university students and faculty, we also interacted with people from PyDelhi, local python group, and discussed the possibility of organizing something related to Fedora in collaboration with PyDelhi group in Delhi region.

We have taken a note of challenges that Fedora faces. For example, not being known among students and faculty as compared to other distributions like Ubuntu. I hope with our sessions planned, both in university and outside in Delhi, thanks to various people we met in booth, we would be able to make some progress in right direction in this region. So, overall I think booth was a huge success able to accomplish everything we had in mind.

I would like to thank all the people involved, pjp, pravins, prth who helped attending people in the booth and make it a success in the end. It would not have been possible without their help to make sure that we attend to all the people and their queries.

Lastly, thanks to Fedora to sponsoring me to be able to get to GNOME.Asia, and my employer, Collabora to allow me to attend the event. And also the university and GNOME organizing committee to allow Fedora booth there.

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24 April 2016