I have this weird, not so straight mechanism to use Internet. I have a server in the Internet/Cloud that I am almost always logged in. I use this server to create a SOCKS proxy on my local and then use Internet via this SOCKS proxy.

And then I would use proxychains or proxychains-ng or tsocks with each of the program I want to use Internet for. This is a bit messy setup but somehow I make everything work by using these combination of tools. These tools help resolve the DNS requests made by the program on the remote because my local DNS server doesn’t resolve DNS requests pertaining to Internet.

Recently I found a wonderful tool i.e sshuttle, this tool would dynamically change your iptables and would make your computer access Internet if you have a setup like me, i.e you have a server in the Internet and you want to use Internet via this server on your local computer. You would then set your computer to use no proxy and it works because it has changed your iptables, all your packets, DNS requests are being routed through the server and your application doesn’t even know about what’s going on in the background. They just think you are in a no proxy environment. This has really made my life very simple and removed my hard dependency on proxychains/tsocks.

Installing and Usage

I found sshuttle in my distribution repositories (Fedora), so just an yum install sshuttle finished the install for me. If you use any other distribution, it should most probably be in your repositories but even if it is not present you can go to sshuttle website and download it from the github website.

Then a simple command like following should do the trick for you :

sshuttle --dns -vvr username@host 0/0

If you are curious about these flags, you can read a much more detailed information about using these flags and many others on sshuttle website.

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18 February 2015